UIB S (Universal Ignitor Board: Small) - WEB SALE!
    Close UIB S (Universal Ignitor Board: Small) - WEB SALE!

    UIB S (Universal Ignitor Board: Small) - WEB SALE!

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    UIB S (Universal Ignitor Board: Small) - WEB SALE!

    *TEI Certified *12 VDC operation *Microcontrolled *Diagnostic LED *Fuse & Surge protected *Removable jumper for Instant fire operation in water heaters and refrigerators. *Size: 3.25" x 4.25" *Protective cover available

    Dinosaur Electronic's RV Circuit Board Warranty All Dinosaur Electronics RV appliance boards carry a 3 year limited warranty. This warranty applies only to appliance boards manufactured by Dinosaur Electronics, and does not include the appliance in which they have been installed. Boards will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's option. This warranty does not include labor associated with board replacement. After a warranty repair, the replacement board is warranted for the remainder of the 3 year period, or 1 year, whichever is greater. Repaired boards will be returned to the customer at the manufacturer's expense. Boards sent in for warranty repair that are not faulty, will be returned with a $10 charge for testing and shipping. The 3 year warranty period begins on the date of installation. The warranty registration card must be returned within 30 days of installation , and signed by the installer, or the warranty is void. The following conditions will void the warranty: Board is physically damaged. Repair has been attempted outside the factory.

    ((SHELF 114))