Soft Touch Grab/Assist Handle (White)
    Close Soft Touch Grab/Assist Handle (White)

    Soft Touch Grab/Assist Handle (White)

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    Soft Touch Grab/Assist Handle (White)


    It's nice to simply grab a handle instead of jamming your hand behind a plastic strap. The Soft Touch rail is friendlier to your hand than a hard slippery acrylic post. And, the molded finger grips are a nice touch to a product you'll use a dozen times a day entering & leaving your coach.

    • Safety-traction for your hand
    • Comfort-soft touch material greets your hand
    • Security-strength in design, room for one or two hands
    • Confidence-11/4S diameter rail and knuckles don't scrape the coach

    Dimensions 18 5/8SH x 1 1/4S Diameter x 3 3/4S off the coach.

    Mfg Part #AH-150 Grab Bar